The ''Deep-Picture Converter, Version 2.0'' (only for Windows)

...can possibly be loaded on the 01st of June, on the Download page of this website.

Further information about this version will occure here shortly before it's release. Please use the Mainpage of ''Software'' to stay up to date with all technical possibilities, options and adjustments that are possible. Also you may get information about what is just beiing done right now and what is planned. Also I have got some interesting future-visions...

Watch out for the next update.

It will again be totally free and come without any advertisements.

This is what the software should look like

Most uptades improve technical functions only - to see what exactly is improved visit the Software-Dashboard. But still the interface will change in some ways. Those two new options that you can see here (forecasted no. of fields; the option to select what types of output is required) require some space, so the program has to be compressed a little.