Only see, whats needed.

The woman in the back of the boat forms the center,

the surrounding area is smoothly pixellated.

Do we need batch processing?

Here you can see what happens, when the same picture is converted 350-times, while only adjusting the value for the pixel-growth. Doesn't it look interesting? But does it make sense?

From the distance and in detail...

Here you can see a picture, which can surprise with a lot of depth. The general view clearly shows whats going on, while on the other side, your'e nearly able to determine the passangers identity. And you don't waste your device- or webspace-memory at all.

The sun in the centre...

again creates a beatiful effect. For this picture in special, with it's clear structure and least details apart from the sun,the Deep Picture can really make sense. You can decide by yourself which one is looking better.

upper picture: linear pixel-growth; colouring that is most occuring

lower picture: exponential pixel-growth; colour exactly calculated

Is it art?

Here we've got another picture, where the aesthetical aspects of the conversion get much more important than the technical. Of course the mother picture is already impressive and beautiful, but through the deep picture you can set a focus, attract attention.

exponential pixel-growth; colour exactly calculated

What a colourful pixel-template

Air-views like this one can be converted into fantastic pixel-artworks. What happens on the picture is still sensable, but when dealing with the linear pixel-growth Deep Pictures, of course the artsy benefit is a lot higher than the technical.

Adjustments: linear pixel-growth; colour that is most occuring

A little more?

Here you see two more converted Deep-Picture files - together with the net structures that they are based on.