The Deep Picture

- or the creation of pictures with depth -

Several differently zoomed pictures are combined into single (restructured) pictures with depth, while massively saving memory. The Deep Picture is a proceeding to create and restructure digital photo material through adjustment to point-based net structures.

When you are taking a photograph and it is important to keep some background details in a wide panorama or for example, if you want to display a location using a satellite image, a comprehensive high resolution is often not required.

The process starts with taking the colour values from several photographs, which are taken while changing the zoom-factor or the distance to the object. These information are then stored into a special net structure, which is point-based and staggered from the inside to the outside. The result is stored into a vector image file type.

The advantages are the combination of a large shooting angle and high resoluted details in the center in a single picture, while reducing storage space to the maximum.

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